Saturday, February 27, 2010

And the prize for the ugliest cover goes to ...

BS-LPedition I was poking around Amazon this morning (I'm not one of those paranoid authors who checks her Amazon stats constantly--just a couple times a week), and wondered if they'd posted the cover for the large-print edition yet.

Oh yes.

And, oh, is it BAD.

What is that?  It has to be the absolute WORST skull and crossbones I have ever seen.  I mean, it looks like I might have drawn it!  (And I have no artistic skills, believe me.)

Someone must have put all of 30 seconds of thought into this cover.

Bookplate_Special.sm2 Now, compare it to the BEAUTIFUL cover that was done by the fabulous Teresa Fasolino for the paperback edition of the book.

No contest, eh?

It's a good thing that large-print editions aren't generally bought by the cover art.  As it is, large-print editions don't sell terribly well, but looking at this cover, I'd say my poor LP version of Bookplace Special is doomed.

What do you think?
UPDATE:  There's more to the story.  Check out my blog post of 3/5/10 on The Cozy Chicks Blog.