Monday, March 29, 2010

The Power of Post-It Notes

Post it notes I think one of the best inventions of the 20th Century was the Post-It note.  Has to be, they're all over my house to remind me of stuff I can't remember on my own.

I have four of them on my keyboard right now.

COUNTS:  As I mentioned last week, I'm going to send out postcards for the large-print edition of Bookplate Special.  I went on WorldCat (which tracks books in libraries) and found out where all the large-print editions of Murder Is Binding and Bookplate Special are.  I had some notion that I'd figure out what libraries had one, but not the other, and target them.  Whoa!  Turns out there were 158, and narrowing it down was a lot harder than I thought because not all the library systems had live links.  *Sigh*

Polar bear stamp ORDER POLAR BEAR STAMPS:  You got it.  When the postcards arrive, I'm going to have to mail them out, and mailing them out means stamps.  I ordered the 28 cent stamps and they'll arrive later this week.  Guess I can toss that note out now.

LAUNDRY:  This note is actually a couple of weeks old.  It could stay there forever, if the stickiness holds.  I mean, are you ever really done with laundry?

PAGE NUMBERS:  I had to print out the labels for the post cards, but I have a memory like a sieve.  I didn't now how many labels were still on the roll, so I'd do them in blocks of 25.  1-25; 26-50; 51-75, etc.  Guess that one can go, too.  (My the keyboard is getting tidier as I write this.)

There are currently ten Post-It notes and 6 other notes attached to the sides of my flat-screen monitor (Oh, and one business card.)  One has nothing but the ISBNs for a bunch (not all) of my books. (Need to update that one.)  I have passwords, character names, spellings of words I always get wrong, and even a little note that says "I heart (the symbol) you" from my hubby.  (That's a keeper!)

No doubt about it, I couldn't live without Post-It notes.  How about you?