Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yea! Readers want to read my book!

DIRsmall Oh, Wow--after yesterday's post SEVEN people want to read Dead in Red.  I know that's not earth shattering for you, but when my last royalty statement came, it said only three copies had been sold in six months.  (Do I believe it?  Not for a minute--but getting answers from a publisher is like getting your cat to read Dr. Suess--aloud!)

Anyway, now seven people will be reading (and I hope sharing) the book with friends. 

Meanwhile, I've entered a whole new world of processing orders and shipping via Paypal.  Like why is my shipping address (my P.O. Box) invalid?  Why don't they like addresses with more than three lines?  Some people haven't asked me to personalize the book.  They're first editions -- might they be worth something some day and worth more money if they aren't personalized?

Hmm.  A whole new world awaits.

Meanwhile, back to the stack of books heading out to the far-flung reaches of Hawaii, Michigan, Canada, and the UK.  Wow--this is fun!

(Did you want to order a copy of the book?  Find it here.)