Monday, April 12, 2010

D-Day for Bon-Bon

BonnieinlaptopcaseIt's been weeks since we arranged for our little Bonnie (and I mean little--the poor cat has lost a LOT of weight) to have her thyroid condition cured (there's a 95-98% cure rate) with a radioactive shot.  It seemed like the procedure was eons in the future, and now suddenly the actual day is here.

I feel AWFUL.  Let's face it, cats have a brain the size of a large pecan.  Bonnie will NOT know why she's suddenly in a place filled with cages and other animals, smelling terrible "hospital" type smells, hearing loud noises, and be manhandled (she has to have an ultrasound) by people she doesn't know.  And worse, WORSE, we'll be abandoning her for up to TEN DAYS.

Add to that, we cannot visit her, because she'll be radioactive, and nothing that goes with her can come back to us.

We've got her supplies all packed; food and snacks.  The carrier is in the laundry room ready to go.

Bonnie2 6-08 Hubby keeps saying, "it's only ten days."  He sure didn't feel that way when he was stuck in the hospital for 48 hours after knee surgery.  He kept saying, "lemme outta here!"

I'm sure the week will go faster for us than it will for Bonnie.  But just thinking about her stuck in a cage in a strange place makes me feel terribly guilty and sad.  Who will sit next to me in the evenings?  Who will greet me from the bathroom vanity where she likes to plop during the night?

The things we do for love, eh?