Monday, April 26, 2010

I like Galley Proof better . . . Wouldn't you know it, just as I'm up to my eyebrows in stuff to do before the Malice Domestic conference, I get my "pass pages" for Chapter & Hearse.  I hadn't heard that term until earlier this year.  Before that, they were known as Galley Proofs--the author's last chance to read the manuscript and fix whatever the copy editor had screwed up.

(Although I was extremely frustrated with the copy edit, I must say, this manuscript wasn't as screwed up as Bookplate Special, which is a HUGE relief.)

I had a week to go through it.  I've heard horror stories of author's being given ONE DAY to read through a book.  I suppose it can be done, if you can get someone else to feed the cats and shove food at you at intervals, but it's nerve wracking.

I was a bit worried about this book.  I was extremely pleased with Bookplate Special, and thought, "this is the best book in the series."  Now I'm not so sure, which is kind of a relief.  You don't want to hit your peak too early in a series that you hope goes on for at least nine books, eh?  And, a big chunk of the book was written during a very sad time for me, during the last three months of my Dad's life.  It was a real emotional roller coaster as he'd seem to take one step forward in recovery, only to take six or seven backward.  And, of course, I lost my Dad soon after I turned the book in.

So I kind of dreaded getting into it again.  I should have read it a little closer during the copy edit stage, but there was a lot going on, and well . . .  But now I've devoted quite a bit of time to it and I'm surprised.  I like the book.  It keeps making me laugh.  Not belly laugh, but a turn of phrase here or there and I think to myself -- did I write that?  I have to finish up today, and then off the changes go to my editor.

I hope you guys will enjoy reading it as much as I have.