Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gotta get me some new thingys

I confess:  around the house, I wear a pony-tail.  Of course, that's only since I got my hair cut last month.  Otherwise it was pinned up most of the time just to get the hair off my neck.  But now that it's shorter, it's definitely ponytail time.

Ponytail The problem?  I have about a gazillion ponytail thingys that have failed.  I bought them several years ago, and have no clue where I got them.  Probably the dollar store.  None of them work well.  At least on a pony-tail.  Within about a half hour of putting it on, oops!  There's hair hanging around the side of my face.  This is rather aggravating.  The problem is they don't seem to have enough stretch, and I can't put them on tight enough.

Hair thingys Hmm.

Of course, you know what the BEST use for these ponytail thingys is, right?  Wrapping paper.  Unlike a rubber band, they won't bunch up and wrinkle those rolls of unfinished wrapping paper.  Honest!  Been using them for this purpose for years. 

I suppose I'd better hit the store and get some thingys with some stretch in them, as I think I'm going to try to keep my hair this length.

Ahh...the things women have to put up.  What are you putting up with today?