Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lemonaide from Lemons

As I mentioned last week, I went out of town for a wedding over the weekend, and I was nervous because I was under deadline ... yada yada yada.

35 Marina pix Well, it was a beautiful wedding.  The bride looked lovely; they were married overlooking a marina on Lake Erie and, although the skies were overcast, it didn't rain.  Whew!

I was worried I wouldn't have anyone to talk to -- but it turned out I did know someone, who was seated at our table.  Some years back, we had a "cat situation."  We'd adopted two adult males into a home that already had one adult male cat.  Trouble with a Capital T.  One of them attacked the other cats (George the tiny terrorist--you can read his story here) and after much soul searching (and not a few tears) decided we needed to find him another home.  We kept his brother, Fred (they were named after the Weasley twins from Harry Potter).

What's this got to do with the wedding?  We gave George to the maid of honor's mother.   George now runs her home and is absolutely adored.  We couldn't have asked for a happier solution.  So I got to hear all about George and his many adventures.

Also, I had a ringside seat overlooking the marina.  It just so happens, I have a story in the works (or, at least I'll get back to it some day) that involves a marina.  Hot dog!  I took pictures and made copious notes, and even had an entire scene show up in my head.  (Better write it down before I forget it.)

Wedding cakes The cake?  There wasn't one.  There were eight!!! -- plus four Italian cookie trays!!!  I went for what looked like traditional white wedding cake, but it wasn't -- it was amaretto, and boy was it de-lish.

There was a live band.  I haven't been to a wedding with a live band in AGES.  No, we didn't dance (grrrr) but the band was terrific and played all kinds great songs.
All in all, it was a wonderful wedding.  And then I went back to the hotel and watched HGTV for an hour and again in the morning.

(I hated to have to come home.)

Lemonaide All in all, the whole thing was fun.  And the book got off on time--er, a month late, but on time for the new deadline.  (Whew, glad it's gone so I can get working no the next one.)

So, have you made lemonaide from lemons lately?