Monday, July 19, 2010

And so little time in a day . . . It seems like it takes forever for a book to be published.  Usually it's 12-24 months.  It's only two weeks and a day until Chapter & Hearse is released and it seems like that isn't going to be nearly enough time to get everything done that needs to get done.

What am I doing?  Interviews, writing blog posts, mailing out bookmarks and bookplates.  Next up are postcards (almost 2000 of them to readers and libraries), which means printing out lots of labels and sticking on lots of stamps.  (Oh, boy--I can watch movies (or at least listen) while I do that and not feel guilty!)

I've also got to update my web sites, and get ready for my book launch (On August 5th at 7 p.m. at the Barnes & Noble in Greece Ridge Center Mall, Rochester, NY).  I'm going to be handing out "goody" bags to everybody who shows up at the launch, so I need to get them ready, too.  (Hmm...what color ribbon should I tie them with? See, I have scads of decisions to make.)

Doesn't this sound like an awful lot of hard, boring work?

It is and ... I LOVE IT!

Some people thought I had the worst job in the world, at my last job in Corporate America, but I actually enjoyed it because there was lots of nit-picky work to be done.  For some oddball reason, I love digging into that kind of work.  So while on one hand I'm feeling overwhelmed (let's not forget, I have a a rewrite to hand into my editor this week, and finish a book by September 1st -- and hand in a synopsis by September 10th), I'm also quite happy to see all the little items on my things-to-do list get crossed off.

What weird stuff do you enjoy that other people might this is boring?