Thursday, July 22, 2010

Busy as a Bee

Busy_bee Busy, busy, busy.  I need 48 hours in a day -- just to get normal stuff done, let alone the promotional stuff that needs to happen to juggle three mystery series.

Yesterday I was a guest at the World of Books blog.  Oops -- missed it.  So I'm giving it a plug today.  If you'd like to learn about Jeff Resnick's bumpy road to publication, it's all here.

Yesterday was errand day.  Oops -- forgot to hit the Post Office.  I also finished the revisions on A Crafty Killing (which means the copy edit can't be far behind).

Toad swimming Today is another busy day.  Already I've updated two of my web sites, answered a ton of email, and have saved yet another (or was it the same?) toad from the pool.  This little guy was in dire straits.  He was languishing at the bottom of the pool.  I thought he was already dead, but when I went to retrieve the body, he moved and swam to the top, where he gasped for air and then started to sink again.  Hopefully he's all dried off and will NOT make that mistake again.

Microphone My new blinds FINALLY ARRIVED and we're going to put them up.  I've got a radio interview (and I'm not even sure where it's going to play -- but I do know it'll play on August 4th.  A podcast maybe?). And last on the agenda -- yet another visit to the dentist.  (They love to see me and my checkbook coming.)

Tomorrow, I'll jump back into the second Victoria Square book (The Walled Flower).  Yipes!  Only five weeks before I have to turn it in.  And did I mention those 2100 postcards for Chapter & Hearse that need stamps and address labels?

I'm not complaining.  I like busy work.  I just like it to come in smaller waves.

What's keeping you busy today?