Friday, August 27, 2010

Dog or Book? What keeps me up at night?

As I mentioned yesterday, my little doggy guest was good at waking me up and keeping me awake (by snoring directly under my head--as she was sleeping under my bed).  So, rather than stare at the ceiling, I opened a book and started to read.

Big mistake.  The book was so good, I kept reading.  Got tired.  Turned off light.  Dog woke up and kept me awake.

Dog went back to sleep, I went back to reading. 

It was a vicious cycle.  I woke up at 2:05 and I never got back to sleep.  (Didn't quite finish the book; saved that for last night!)

Tired womanjpg Whatever happened to those days when you decided with a bunch of friends -- hey, let's stay up all night and watch TV/talk/eat/have fun?  (This was in my 20s.)  Um.  Those days are GONE.  I'm a teensy bit older now and I go to bed EARLY.  I don't necessarily stay asleep all night (and get most of my reading-for-pleasure done between the hours of midnight and 4 a.m.) but I don't usually read for three-plus hours during the night, either.

Living deed Sorry, I couldn't put the book down.

The title:  NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEED by E.J. Copperman.

What's so good about this book?  It hits all my high spots.  Home renovation; believable characters; ghosts.  This thing has winner stamped all over it.  I could kick myself now, because I had an opportunity to blurb it before it was published but was just too stressed while being in my own deadline hell.

If you have an opportunity to read Night of the Living Deed, you really ought to.  And if you don't have the opportunity -- why not?