Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Listening To The Voice In My Head

I'm about to finish the second Victoria Square mystery, The Walled Flower, and I'm dragging my feet.  Why?

I don't want to let go of Katie and her friends.

I know it's only for six months, because that's when I'll start the next book in the series (which so far has no title), but I'm having fun and I don't want it to end.

CraftKilling.sm Katie is up to so much trouble and strife in this book and I can't even talk about with you guys because A.) you don't know her yet (the first book, A Crafty Killing doesn't come out until Feb. 1, 2011) and B.) I'd be giving away spoilers and then you WOULDN'T want to read the book.  A real Catch 22.

Of course, Tricia and Angelica are waiting in the wings and they've been nagging me.  "Hey, we're still here--you've got OUR story to tell!"

Then there's Jeff and Richard WAY back in the back alley behind the theater yelling, "Hey, we've been waiting FOR YEARS to see Bound By Suggestion find an audience!!!" (Of course, I'm still waiting for their third adventure, Cheated by Death to find an audience via ebooks.)

And then--can you believe it--I've got a NEW character on the back burner who wants me to tell HER story, too.  When would I ever find time for her?  (Hmm...I should start taking notes....)

All these characters screaming for me to tell their stories.

(Kinda cool, huh?)