Friday, September 10, 2010

Goody Bags For All!

Anybody live in southern New Hampshire or northern Massachusetts?  If so, I hope you'll find your way to the Wadleigh Memorial Library in lovely Milford, NH.  I'll be speaking there tomorrow and signing books, courtesy of the Toadstool Bookstore.

Several years ago, a librarian acquaintance of mine suggested I contact the library's director to get some local color for my Booktown Mystery series.  After exchanging a few emails, Michele Sampson invited me to give a talk at the Wadleigh Library.  Since I had planned to go to Maine to meet the people who published my Jeff Resnick series, I readily agreed. 

Close_up_goody_bag I had a wonderful time, and was thoroughly shocked when about 35 people showed up to buy and have me sign copies of Murder is Binding.  Whoa!

With that in mind, this time I thought I'd bring along some Goody Bags.  So, with contributions from about 25 of my friends, I spent four hours the other day making them.  Aren't they cute?  I'll be giving them away tomorrow at the library.

Afterward (or maybe before), I'll be taking lots of pictures--more local color!

Anyway, I hope you can make it!

The Wadleigh Memorial Library
49 Nashua Street
Milford, NH  03055
11 a.m.