Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A little bit of pack rat in me . . .

Yesterday I posted about how I needed to clear out the closet so I could stow the bookmarks and books, etc.

Packrat Hmm.  Turns out, it's much easier said than done.  Oh I did get rid of a lot of stuff.  I consolidated a lot of stuff, but I still don't have enough room for all the books and bookmarks.  Clearly, I need to be more ruthless.  And throw it away?  I couldn't do that.  I put it all in boxes for the next garage sale (which I hope will be next summer--at my mother's house!  My garage isn't visible from the street and people think I don't have any stuff when I put out a sign.)

But I have discovered a packrat-like tendency in myself for certain things. 

Plate hanger Plate hangers.  I admit it, I collect square and brown transferware dishes.  I have several that are waiting to be hung.  (Okay, I have seven.  These things take time.)  However, I have something like 25 brand new plate hangers in two shoe boxes waiting for plates. Um. Did I mention I also have about 25 of them (used--garage sale purchase, $2) at our summer cottage, too?

101 ways to love a book Blank Note Cards:
  Okay, I have a thing for pretty notecards. And Michael's makes it realllllllly easy to stock up on them in their $1 bins.  No lie, I must have about 1000 blank cards (and envelopes) because I just keep buying them at yard sales.  Usually they're packages of 8-10 with a couple missing, but some of these have never been opened.  And I buy stationery boxes too.  Farm houses, cats, pansies, more cats, more flowers.  You name it, I got the season covered.

Certificates:  In lieu of giving its employees raises and or little bonuses, my former employer was really big on giving certificates.  Foolish person that I am, I put the ones that didn't come in frames (most of the ones from the last 10 years of my employment) in (garage sale) frames.  Time to dump them.  Well, I couldn't. So seldom was heard a NON-discouraging word in that joint, that I'm keeping the certificates for a while longer.  The frames?  Into the garage sale boxes.

Old Dolls:  Do I really need these childhood dolls that are mostly broken or just in very sad shape?  Hell yes!  Nobody takes MY dolls from me, buster, unless you want a fight on your hands.

Postcards:  I have two very nice cookie tins STUFFED with unused postcards that were brought back from my travels and from when my parents would travel around Europe.  I always figured I would use them one day.  Now the only postcards I send out are ones that advertise my books.  Give them up?  Not on your life.

Paperclips Office Supplies:
  Do I really need to have so many pens and pencils?  Staples.  Gummed hole reinforcements.  Glassine envelopes.  Lion clips.  Glue Sticks.  Highlighters.  White Out. Post-It Notes.  Envelopes (in various sizes). The answer to that is YES!!!

I also kept two chess sets, all my ribbon, some craft supplies.  Little boxes.  (Hey, they some in handy at Christmas time.)

So, yes, there is more room in the closet, but there'd be a lot more if I could part with more stuff.