Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is the third time a charm?

Unsmiley Last Saturday, I posted on the Cozy Chicks Blog about changing the cover of one of my e stories to try to boost sales.  In seven months, I'd sold only 24 copies of the story.  Paint me unhappy.

OnlySkinDeep.sm The story was one of my unsold "confessions."  My first professional sales were writing short romancey-women's fiction stories.  (Darn, and I can't find the print version of the first one I sold--and can't retrieve it off the old 5.25" floppy disk where it still resides, along with a bunch of my other old stories.)  This one was my absolute favorite--a little story that warmed my heart.  In fact, it must've warmed somebody's heart over at True Love Magazine, because they had me rewrite it three times -- and still they didn't buy it.  I rewrote it one last time and uploaded it to Kindle back in April.  At that time, it was called Only Skin Deep (as in "beauty is only skin deep").

As mentioned, it didn't sell well.  So I figured I'd change the title and cover and see if it would sell with a little more pizzaz.  I put it up on Kindle last week and, as mentioned above, asked for comments.

Sex-Stranger_cover.sm My writer friends were in agreement, SEX SELLS. So Not only did I have a "sexier" picture, but I changed the title.  (A take off on Love with A Perfect Stranger.)

My readers felt the cover cheapened the story of the mother and child.

So, back to the drawing board I went.

But, my readers (most of whom have NOT read the story--just the blurb), rated a bunch of pictures that other readers and I put up on Facebook, and we kind of voted.  (Cover by committee.)

Here's the same story description and the new cover.

Unconditional.SM A one-night stand changes Leslie Turner's life forever when she discovers she's pregnant. Keeping the child means losing her business. Even more devastating, the baby is born with a disfiguring birth defect. Her carefully planned life falls apart . . . until years later when she once again meets her baby's father. Can they ever be a family?

So, do you think THIS version will sell the story?

And in case anyone wants to try it, the links are below.

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