Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Curb Appeal: My House

When you work at home, and the only people you get to talk to are your husband, brother, mother, and the occasional call from your agent (and very nice calls they've been indeed), you kind of get starved for real life.  I mean, other than the check-out lady at the grocery store who asks, "Did you find everything you need?" and I answer, "Yes," that's about it on any given week.

(Pathetic, isn't it?)

I mean, I converse via emails all day long, but actual conversation?  Not so much.

Lineman2 Therefore I find yourself looking forward to big stuff like:  the phone man coming.  Yup, he was actually supposed to come yesterday.  We have (had) two land lines.  Only my aunt and my brother would call us on one of the numbers so finally we said, "Why are we spending $38 a month just to get one or two calls a month?"  Duh.  So, we're having that line eliminated and wired into our other land line.  Of course, they shut that phone off at the office at the crack of dawn yesterday, and the other line only has one phone attached to it.  If it rings, we have to run the entire length of the house (and we have a rather rambling ranch house).  Luckily that line has an answering machine.

HGTV's_Curb_Appeal The other big thing:  we're having the HUGE arborvitae in the front yard taken out.  Mind you, we've already had the thing cut in half a few years back, but it grew back with a vengeance.  So much that it hides a third of the front of our house.  I've been watching Curb Appeal--The Block, and they're always ripping out out-of-control landscaping.  (They do it a lot on This Old House, too.)  Since our next-door neighbor just had their out-of-control arborvitae taken out, we decided to use the same landscaper to do it.

Whoa!  People will be able to see ALL our Christmas lights this year.  (And I'll finally get my burning bush--albeit next year.)  Weeee!

(Simple pleasures, simple minds.)

Bobcat-863 Not that I expect to talk to Mr. Root-puller (I'm assuming they'll chop that sucker down first), but it'll be something exciting to break up the day.  (I mean, besides Tricia getting caught with . . . oh, but that's for the book, not the blog.)  I'll try to post before and after pictures later this week.

What excitement are you anticipating on this fine day?