Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Stop Looking At Me With Those Sad Eyes

As you know, I brake for yard sales.  This summer I started collecting movies on DVD that were new and old to me.  I figured they'd be fun to watch on a cold, windy day somewhere down the line.

Shirley princess
One sale had about a gazillion old movies.  The kind you get at the dollar store for ... a dollar.  They were selling them for a quarter so I figured--what the heck and bought a couple.  One of them is The Little Princess starring Shirley Temple. The other were old Sherlock Holmes episodes that are going in the Malice Domestic charity basket from Haven't Got A Clue.

These cheapie DVDs come in cardboard sleeves and tend to get lost on my DVD shelf.  (Lately DVDs seem to be pushing the books out of the way.)  Therefore, Shirley has been sitting on my shelf for at least a month now looking at me with her kid eyes and I can hear her cheerful voice say, "When are you going to play me?"

Well, let's see.  I've already read the book once this year.  And I saw a movie that was out a couple of years ago.  (Got it and The Secret Garden for a steal from Amazon.)  So, the Shirley Temple version of The Little Princess has not been on the top of my to-be-watched list.  Not when I'm going through Voyager for a second time and realizing how many I missed the first time around.  (Wow--that's fun!)

Little-princess-temple I'm thinking that a cold, windy, SNOWY day in February will go well with the suffering poor Sarah Crew has to withstand in her attic garret.  So, sorry, Shirley, you've got a wait on your hands.

Maybe I'll turn the DVD over so I won't have to see her little imploring eyes.

What movie is on your list to watch on a cold, snowy day some time in the future?