Monday, March 8, 2010

A Little Girl's Best Friend . . .

On Saturday, on the Cozy Chicks Blog (where I post on Saturdays), I wrote about my new cover for the large print edition of Bookplate Special.  You can read the entire post here.

Barbie Logo One of the things I like about the new cover is . . . Barbie, sitting at a table inside a stylized version of Angelica's cafe, Booked For Lunch. 

Vintage-Barbie-Solo-In-The-Spotlight-1 I got my first Barbie when I was about five.  My Aunt Sunny bought it for me and I was absolutely thrilled!  I also got at least one outfit, too, Solo in the Spotlight (as per the photo on the left).  My Barbie was a brunette--like me!  I loved that doll, who was the first of several Barbies I've owned over the years.
That GIrl My parents gave me my next Barbie.  She came in a gold and white lame one-piece bathing suit, with molded dark hair, some kind of triangular kerchief, and three wigs:  blonde, brunette, and readhead. The thing is . . . I almost never put the blonde and brunette wigs on that Barbie.  I liked the red wig best, maybe because it made her look a little like Marlo Thomas (That Girl!)

Barbie w wigs There weren't many little girls in my neighborhood, but I'd play with Donna and Jeannie and they had a LOT more Barbie clothes than I did.  Their mothers had Barbie clothes patterns and made them up.  (Jeannie's mother was either a better seamstress or Donna and her sister Karen were a LOT harder on their Barbie clothes than Jeannie.)  My mom tended to knit Barbie clothes.  I remember my Barbie had a yellow and white knitted skating outfit, and a red sweater that my mother made on the same knitting needles she used to knit my father socks.
Donna and Jeannie both moved away when I was about eight.  After that, I had no one to play Barbie with.


After that, my folks bought me Barbie's little sister, Skipper, and her friend (or was she a cousin?) Scooter?  Both were redheads.  And then Barbie's Cousin, Francie.  Along the way I had a Penny Brite, a Tammy (and her little sister Pepper), and Libby Littlechap, but Barbie was my favorite.
I used to play Star Trek with my Barbies and my brother's G.I. Joe.  (He had a Gemini Spacecraft!!!)
But then . . . I moved on. 

That wasn't the end my relationship with Barbie.  About 19 years ago, before I got married, my friend Anne, who was (and probably still is) a BIG Barbie fan, got me interested in "them" again.  I bought yet another brunette Barbie (a cheapie), and started accumulating more Barbie clothes--including a wedding dress.  (Doesn't every little girl want to wear a "Barbie" type wedding gown?)  About the same time, I found a blonde Skipper doll in almost mint condition . . . except.  The poor thing was naked.  She and new brunette Barbie have lived on the top of my closet ever since.

Star trek Barbie & Ken And still . . . that wasn't the last Barbie I bought.  I was shopping at Toys R Us for my young nieces, and found Star Trek Barbie and Ken--and on sale!  How cool was that?

I probably won't buy any more Barbies.  Okay, I will occasionally look a the Barbie aisle if I'm in a toy store, but I haven't seen a brunette Barbie in years.  I collect enough things, I don't need any more Barbies. 

But that doesn't mean I'm still not interested. 

How about you?

And I'll leave them with a parting gift . . .

Two summers ago, I happened upon a yard sale.  It must have been an estate sale, because it seemed like everything in the house had been dumped into the yard.  I got some fabulous stuff . . . most of which I can't even remember anymore.  The owner (dead or alive) must have been a crafter who smelled nice (there was an entire garage filled with just Avon stuff).

Bookmarks2 One of the things I bought was a stack of 150 flat, brown paper bags (6 x 9).  Hey, says I, I'll bet I can use these for something!  What I came up with, was an idea to hand out a bag full of bookmarks and postcards at the Holiday Craft Shows I do in November and December.  The first year, I had about 6 or 7 bookmarks.  This past year, I had about 10.  Readers LOVE them!  (Booksellers are ecstatic!  Because they hope readers will ask them to ORDER the books they don't have in stock!)

I've restocked on goodie bags, and have a talk/signing on Wednesday, so I spent the weekend putting together 50 Goodie bags.  (I was told there would be at least 35 at the talk, and I'm being optimistic and hoping for more.)  Wow!  I hope to knock the socks off my audience with my giveaway.  Here's the line up of authors who have donated a bookmark, postcard, or recipe card for my goodie bags.

Tiny CC_Bookmark Deb Baker
Lisa Bork
Jeffrey Cohan
Meredith Cole
Kate Collins
Cozy Chicks
Elizabeth Spann Craig
Krista Davis
Hannah Dennison
Julie Hyzy
Sandra Parshall
Maggie Sefton
Jennifer Stanley
Leann Sweeney
Wendy Lyn Watson
Heather Webber

Oh, yeah, and LLBartlett and Lorna Barrett have a few in there, too.

Bookmarks1 These ladies READ.  Let's hope they read my friends' books, too!
(Hey, and if you haven't given their books a try--why not?)