Monday, January 24, 2011

Nothing to worry about . . . NOT!

CheckbookThis blog post is late today because  . . . I spent a good chunk of this morning on a hunt for the missing checkbook.

It should have been in my purse.

It is not.

The I last time I saw it was almost a week ago when I did the grocery shopping -- and when I wrote the last check.

The grocery store says they didn't find it.

It's not in my car.

It's not in my coat pocket.

It's lost.


You see, I did the same thing about two years ago.

So far, Mr. L has not yelled at me.  (And he probably won't.)

I feel awful.  And it means a trip to the bank to cancel the checking account and open a new one.  (So far no one else has found it and forged a check.)

As my character Katie Bonner would say:  "Swell."

Have you ever lost something this important?