Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Week From Today

Crafty Killing.bn One week from today, A Crafty Killing will be "officially" released.  I say officially because I've already heard from one reader that she bought a copy in her local Barnes & Noble.

I've spent the weekend (and another chunk of yesterday) putting address  labels and stamps on postcards.  They're going in the mail TODAY!

I'm getting really nervous because there's a lot riding on this book.  Maybe not so much for my publisher--they already seem to have a lot of confidence in the book.  They upped the print run by 5500 copes MORE than the original print run for Chapter & Hearse (which has already been reprinted).  But it's that difference of names that's dogging me.
I know, I know--I've been complaining about it for over a year.  And I've worked really hard to try to get the name out.

Dead fish I'll find out on February 9th if all that hard work will have paid off.  Will the book hit the New York Times bestsellers list--even at in an extended spot, or will it just lie there like a gasping fish?

It's going to be a LONG two weeks.

Meanwhile, life goes on.  Still working on Booktown #6, thinking about starting the synopsis for #7 (I already have a good idea where that's going to go) and jumping into Victoria Square #3 once March rolls around.
Agatha teapot Will Chapter & Hearse follow Bookplate Special and be nominated for an Agatha Award, or will it be ignored.  (I have to believe the latter.  I've seen a bunch of "Best Of 2010" lists and Chapter & Hearse wasn't on any.  *Sob*)

Getting geared up for Malice Domestic 2011.  It'll be at a new (to me) hotel.  Exciting and nerve-racking at the same time.  Then it'll be off to the Festival of Mystery in Oakmont, PA.  What a fun week.  I'll get to see my editor, my agent, and a whole bunch of my friends.

Getting psyched for spring.  What shall I plant in my veggie garden this year?

Calendar pages Getting ready for the summer!  NO SNOW--for months and months on end!!!  What a concept!

Lots to think about.  Lots to ponder.

But the next two weeks are still going to take forever.

What's penciled in on your calendar for the next six months?