Friday, January 21, 2011

When the author breaks loose ....

Gordon_ramsay_road-sign Today is the second errand day of the week.  Wednesday's errands started off with turmoil because it was snowing.  Supposed to be sleeting.  I didn't want to go, but Mr. L said the weather might get worse.


Left the house with a cloud of blue above me ( language was a tad salty.  Hey, I worked production in a machine shop for 18 months.  I earned every one of those blue words).  But I still had a Christmas CD on in my car so by the time I hit the high school (about a minute into my grocery store commute), I had cheered up considerably.  The fact that the roads had been heavily salted and were merely wet made my joy complete.

Yukon Cornelius Still, I thought I deserved a treat for braving the winter chill and stocking up on supplies in case we were snowed in for a month.  Important stuff like cat treats, cat litter, gummy orange slices, ham hocks and guitar strings.

I wasn't about to treat myself to a package of Vienna Fingers or Nutter Butter cookies.  One of the hazards of authordom is a widening buttox, from which I already suffer greatly.  So, I stayed right out of the cookie aisle.  But still, I deserved a treat for mushing to the store to keep my tiny family (two people and four cats) from starvation.

Celantro seeds And then I saw it (actually THEM):  Two twirly racks of SEEDS

Seeds mean spring is coming.  Seeds mean life returns to the once-frozen earth.  Seeds mean veggies fresh from the garden.

Only . . . I couldn't decide what to get, and it's really far too early to start plants for outside. So I settled on a package of cilantro.  Weee, I'm planting cilantro that can live happily on my kitchen window sill!  When I have leaves, I can cut them and put it on my Aloo Matar!  I could toss it on a taco!  Weeee!

Today my mother has a doctor's appointment and she was told it would take at least 90 minutes.  As designated daughter, it's my duty to take her there.  But I have errands to run.  I'm heading to K-Mart for long underwear (if they still have any).  Got a post office run to make.  And, the craft store has stickers on sale for a buck!

Heart stickers Yes, you know your life is boring when $1 stickers can actually entice you.

And when I get back, I'll jump back into the book.  There's a teensy problem with . . . oops--can't say it.  Spoiler alert!

What tiny thing in your life brings you joy that can compare to $1 stickers?