Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I like the old ones the best . . .

Yesterday I finally took down the Christmas cards.  They had decorated the cork wall in our entry since early December.  Now the wall seems so ... BARE.

Now I have to decide which ones to keep.  The thing is, I love cards.  I love getting them, I love giving them, and I love BUYING them.  I have so many cards you wouldn't believe it.  I have every birthday card I've received since age 8.

I buy cards at yard sales, at crafts stores, and even the Dollar Store.  (The one place I don't buy cards is the Hallmark store.  Wow!  They're gorgeous, but boy do they cost.)

Vintage b day card I've got boxes full of new cards I'll probably never send, and boxes full of old cards that somebody else once sent.  (I love those the best.)  Last summer I bought a small box made out of laminated Christmas cards.  I was going to put my vintage Christmas cards in them for display . . . and somehow never got around to it.

(Isn't this card cute?  She'd make a perfect girlfriend for Captain Haviland, the black standard poodle in the Books By The Bay cozy series by my chum Ellery Adams. The second book in that series, A Deadly Cliche, comes out next Tuesday! Can't wait!)

Do I really need all these cards?

Nope.  But I guess they've become a collection now.

What useless thing do you collect?