Friday, February 25, 2011

Recycling I Will Go . . .

ROTFLaughing Once upon a time I belonged to a local writers group.  Several of the ladies had been published.  Of course in those days, I thought published meant rolling in dough.

I was shocked to learn that one of the multi-published authors would reuse her manuscript drafts and print on the other side of the paper.
Whoa!  I'll never do that.

Big blue Selectric I always worked from clean copy.  In the olden days, that mean if I made a mark on a manuscript, I'd retype the whole page and/or chapter.  We're talking in the days of electric typewriters here.  When the computer came along, I'd just print out a fresh page.

Well, a few years went by.  I lost my day job, and darned if using the backside of a sheet of paper didn't seem like a pretty smart way to go, especially with the cost of paper constantly rising.

I had a HUGE stack of old manuscript pages I've slowly been going through and--holy smoke--this week I ran out.  No more big pile (and we're talking over a foot tall at one point) pile of paper. Good grief!  Now I was going to have to use NEW, UNTOUCHED paper!!!

I actually felt panicky.

Copy paper And then to make it worse the dreaded toner light on my printer went on.

I see a trip to Office Max in my future.

What do you recycle on a regular basis?