Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Things you can do when you're not on deadline

It's amazing the things you can do with your time when you're not on deadline.

Red dollar sign Yesterday, I took my car in to get the lock on the hatch door fixed. It's hard to load the groceries in the back of the minivan when you can't open in.  I also spent 90 minutes in the dentist chair.  Those those little expenses sure made my Amazon earnings for the month look like babysitting wages.  But .... in three weeks I will be able to chew a bagel!!!

Martini2 I felt sufficiently happy to accompany Mr. L out to lunch.  A two-martini lunch.  (One each!  We toasted Bound By Suggestion, the 4th Jeff Resnick book which I hope like hell will be available next month -- should the rewrite and new cover come out well.)  A couple of hours later, I picked up my minivan and went shopping.

Weeee!  Shopping!  Okay, I went to the Salvation Army Thrift store (and bought two plates for $1.40) and the Dollar Store (where I bought loot bags for the Cozy Chicks goody bags for Malice Domestic and a couple of bars of soup), but it was shopping just the same.
Cat litter Today not only will I go grocery shopping (and this week can open the back of my minivan to load in the groceries and 25 lb bag of cat litter), but we MIGHT even go to the MOVIES (to see The King's Speech).

All these marvelous things can be done without guilt when you're not on deadline.  And you can watch Star Trek episodes in the middle of the afternoon, too!!!
Tomorrow it's back to work on Bound by Suggestion and then I have to start Victoria Square #3.  But whoa--two days off in a row.  I could (and better not) get used to it!

What what things can you do when you don't have to be at work?