Friday, April 1, 2011

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Burning candle both ends I've always been fascinated with the expression "burning the candle at both ends."  Usually it's applied to people who are not only workaholics, but who are playaholics, too.  And they get very little sleep.

Heck, I've gotten very little sleep most of my life, so that's nothing new.  But lately my work day has been been stretched to the max. And play?  What is play?

I'm usually at my computer by 6 a.m. doing SOMETHING.  Answering email, reading emails.  Tagging other people's ebooks (and print books), Retweeting about somebody's ebooks (and print books). I recently went through a whole twitter course online, but more often than not I feel like I'm Tweeting to other writers instead of finding new readers.

(But if you want to be my twitter pal, I'd love it!  I'm tweeting as:  @LornaBarrett  @LorraineBartlet and @LLBartlettbooks.)

I don't get to my laptop to start writing until at least 10 a.m. (and more often than not, it's more like 1 p.m.) where I attempt to get my daily word quota.  Have missed it more often than not lately, but I've been getting close to it, so I'm making progress on Victoria Square #3 (which is still in dire need of a coherent plot--but that's what happens when you don't work from a detailed outline.  It'll all fall together eventually.  It always does.)

Every day I work on promotion of one kind or another, and this month it's gearing up for Malice Domestic and the Cozy Chicks goody bags I mentioned a few days ago.  Whoa--I'm really starting to get worried about this.  I don't have one piece of that puzzle and might not for two weeks.  That's cutting it really close.  Drop dead date is going to be April 16th. If I don't have it, it ain't going in.  (And I have to go to a baby shower on the 17th -- so that kills a good chunk of the day.)

I actually have to give a speech at a fancy country club to a reading group this month, too.  Why did I take the gig when I knew I was going to be overloaded?

Multitasking And lately I've spent 90 minutes in the early evenings working on special Kindle projects and then spending the last two hours of the day inputing said writing (or rewriting) into the manuscript(s).

I am accomplishing a LOT, and that's a high in itself, but I'm also getting tired.  Not physically tired--MENTALLY exhausted.

I am sooooo looking forward to the summer and relaxing at the family cottage.  The only problem is, I seem to have forgotten how to have fun or relax.

Got any pointers?