Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don't look for Booktown Mysteries in the Buffalo Libraries

Central-Library-NY-Buffalo When my Jeff Resnick series was published, I was really proud that so many libraries in the Buffalo, NY area carried the books.  Of course the books are SET in Buffalo, NY -- so that helped.

So I was puzzled when not one library in Buffalo carried my Booktown Mysteries.  Oh, I know that a lot of library systems don't catalog paperback books, and the series is in paperback.  But I looked up other cozy mystery authors on the website for the Buffalo Erie County Library System, and their books are there.

Did I offend the acquisition librarians in Buffalo?  I mean, I've sent them a postcard for every book in the series (and for A Crafty Killing, too.  It's not there, either).  And they haven't purchased the other two books in my Jeff Resnick series, either.  : (

B&N I know I have at least three readers in the greater Buffalo area  because they've signed up for my newsletter.  I can thank Barnes & Noble for the only readers I have in the Buffalo area.  (THANK YOU, BARNES & NOBLE!!!)

But for some reason I can't seem to make a crack with the acquisition librarians.

I know there are other libraries in big cities that don't have the books, either--but for some reason I feel hurt that the Buffalo libraries have snubbed Tricia and Angelica.  (And Katie, too.)  They embraced Jeff (in hardcover--but not trade paperback).  I just don't get it.

So, the question is, should I throw away money by sending all the libraries a postcard for Sentenced to Death?

What do you think?