Friday, May 20, 2011

When you hate your word processing program . . .

I've been scarce this week.  Why?

Word.  Microsoft Word.  It ate my mailing list.  Luckily a few days before I had printed out labels for my postcards, but while I was updated the list, Word hiccuped as I was saving it and it was gone.  GONE.  And the last time I had backed up was in January.

Woman_crying2 Well, there was more than just the gnashing of teeth, let me tell you.  I've been working for TWO days to try to reconstruct it from various other lists, and I still have another 3-5 hours to go, and am missing over 300 addresses.

I also color code my list, so I know where the addresses came from.  Now I'm wondering if the that was too much. 

A long list + color coding = disaster?

So I'm going to break the list in half by zip code and back it up every night from now on.

I had hoped to get some serious writing done this weekend.  Now . . . hello list building.

What important file have you lost on your computer?