Monday, June 13, 2011

Changing that old sofa . . .

Our cottage has an old couch.  It's actually in pretty good shape because, let's face it--nobody's sitting on it for seven months of the year.  However, it does have one tiny flaw.  The sun bleached one of the arms and the material split.

Since I didn't pick out the couch, I'm not a real fan of the upholstery.  I've wanted to do something about it for years.  Since the living room is only 10 x 13 we decided we'd go off in search of a loveseat.  Then we might actually get some breathing room.

Saddle bag love seat Since there aren't a lot of furniture stores out in the stix, we visited the only one within a 30-mile range (with free delivery).  This is a HUGE place with gigantic room after room of furniture.  And every single chair and couch had saddle bag arms.  No kidding.  Hundreds of them.  In all kinds of fabrics and colors of leather.  But there wasn't one thing that didn't look like the next.


And the prices!  There wasn't a loveseat under $1000.  Suddenly our old couch (which is EXTREMELY comfortable I might add) starting looking pretty good--icky pineapple upholstery and all.

Couch before
Okay, I take that last part back.  It's still icky upholstery.  And that's where Sure-FIt slipcovers come in.
The installation wasn't nearly as easy as the online video said, and we struggled for about 15 minutes, but finally we got the thing looking pretty good.

Could with cover

What do you think?  (Needs more pillows, huh?)