Monday, June 20, 2011

Not that you asked . . .

Romanic homes cover I love Romantic Homes magazine.  And one of my favorite features is the "At Home With . . . " column at the back of the issue.  Here they ask different guest designers the same questions every month.  So, what if I interviewed myself with the same questions (you can try it, too!)?  Or should I have Lorna ask Lorraine these questions?  It doesn't matter.  Here they are:

The last thing you worked on?
A short story when I should have been working on Victoria Square #3.

Your current inspiration?
The events going on in my life.

First place you'll go tomorrow?
To my mother's house.

The color you most often use?  (See, I told you these questions were for designers.)
Purple.  I guess I never outgrew it.  (As a child I asked my parents to paint my bedroom a deep lilac.  I love purple pens and my husband indulges me at Christmas (in my stocking) and Easter (in my basket). That said, blue is my favorite color. (But pink is creeping up there.)

SigstuffedCrust Your best trick when entertaining?
Order pizza.

Favorite collectible?
Now that's a tough one--I collect SOOO many things.  Made-in-Japan (1950s-60s) Christmas figurines.  Hand-painted plates, lambs (I have a whole flock), royal family memorabilia (mostly china cups and mugs), greeting cards from the 1950s.  The list goes on and on.

Santa-Elves Most valued possession?
The carved Santas my father made for me.

The last thing you bought for the home?
Lace curtains.

What's left on your wish list?"
For my Jeff Resnick books to find the same kind of success that my Booktown Mysteries have found.

So . . . what's on YOUR wish list?