Friday, July 15, 2011

Go Away Mr. Groundhog!!!

Container_beans Every year I (attempt to) grow beans.  I've learned in the past that once they start to climb, they're usually safe from critters.

Not this year!

I put down dried blood and that usually does the trick.

Well, I ran out and something ate all but two of my potato plants.  While waiting for another shipment to arrive (purchased via the Internet), something attacked my beans.  It just chopped them about six inches from the ground, but they're all withering and dead up above.


Now, I'm an animal lover, but not when it comes to wild critters eating my garden.

The dried blood arrived yesterday, and I gave the ground around the potatoes a good treatment, but not the beans.  Since the critter was discouraged in the potato patch s/he went straight for the beans. You can bet I spread a liberal supply of dried blood around today -- but it's a day too late.

Will we get beans this year?

Groundhog I sure hope so, but I'm not confident.

What are the critters eating in your garden?

(P.S.  Today my character Katie Bonner is blogging over at the Killer Characters site--talking about her dreams for the English Ivy Inn.  Come on over and see what she's got to say.)