Friday, July 1, 2011

Looking forward to the weekend?

4thJulyPicnic-600 It used to be that when a holiday rolled around, you could count on a couple of things.  Celebrating it with family and lots of great food.

These days, what's left of the family is scattered.  Mr. L is looking at gall bladder surgery in a few weeks, so there won't be any potato salad, deviled eggs, hot dogs or hamburgers.

I miss the old days when the whole family would get together.  I sure miss my Dad.  Two years ago was his last 4th of July celebration.  By then he could barely walk.  Two days later he was in the hospital and never came home again.  Maybe that's why the 4th of July holiday is something I no longer look forward to.

This 4th of July holiday is going to be a working weekend for me.  I'll be painting my office (FINALLY) and working on my writing projects.

Potato salad I sure hope you're going to be with family, having fun, and eating potato salad.

If not, what are your plans for the weekend?