Monday, July 18, 2011

What's wrong with this lovely picture?

Mama and kittensWhat's wrong with this picture?

A lovely cat family.  Mama, two orange kids, a part siamese (the white one), and a little black kitty who was spooked and ran under the deck when we came out on our porch on Saturday morning.
Yes, what's wrong with this lovely little family group.

They're feral.

Why are they feral?

Because our neighbors think it's swell to have cats.  AND NEVER NEUTER THEM.  Consequently, there are constantly new litters of kittens being born.  The neighbors toss a bowl of dry food out on their deck, but that's as far as they go when it comes to cat maintenance.  The cats are outdoor cats.  And there are more than THIRTY of them running around the neighborhood.

According to the Humane Society there's no law that says this is cruel, but forcing cats to live outdoors in Western New York in winter is inhumane in my book.  Forcing them to bear unwanted litters of kittens is inhumane in my book.  Making them hunt for their food in an area filled with preditors is inhumane in my book.

Hmm...might need to write about book just about this.