Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Recipes to die for?

Recipes To Die For_med When I told my sister-in-law I was writing a cookbook, she laughed.  "You?  Cooking?  Telling other people how to cook?"

Now, wait a minute, I never said I couldn't cook, I just prefer NOT to, although I've always enjoyed baking. (And hey, since someone else was willing to do most of the cooking, I didn't object.)  Since I started writing the Booktown Mysteries (and one of the main characters is really into food and cooking), I've done a lot more cooking--and a lot of experimentation in the kitchen.  I've even successfully reproduced (or a reasonable facsimile) recipes of food that I've eaten in restaurants, something I wouldn't even have contemplated a few years back.

So, this summer I decided to write a cookbook for my Victoria Square characters.  And what we have is: RECIPES TO DIE FOR.

This was my "play piece."  As I've mentioned before, we had a rough beginning to the summer. (Beginning as in early April and plowing through mid-July.)  Having a play piece was fun--an escape.  It also didn't hurt that I was writing a novel with the same characters at the very same time.  I got to explore their lives, where they came from, and express it through the recipes they contributed to the Victoria Square Cookbook.

Author Ellery Adams, now known for ther Books by the Bay mysteries (and for the Supper Club Mysteries under the name J.B. Stanley), will soon be known for her Charmed Pie Mysteries.  Ellery/J.B knows her way around the kitchen.  So I was thrilled when she gave Recipes To Die For an enthusiastic two-thumbs up.  She said:

"Cozy readers everywhere have fallen in love with Lorraine Bartlett's A Crafty Killing and the inhabitants of Victoria Square, a charming and sometimes dangerous berg featuring one-of-a-kind businesses like Artisans Alley. In Recipes To Die For, Katie Bonner and the rest of the locals from Victoria Square invite you into their kitchens to share tantalizing recipes and intimate stories about food, family, and life. So tie on your apron and sharpen your knives, because Recipes To Die For is chock full of culinary treasures such as Andy Rust's Cinnamon Rolls, Vance Ingram’s Barbequed Ribs, and Sweet Sue’s Toffee Squares. And you don't want to miss Aunt Lizzie’s Cream Scones. They're to die for!"

Victoria_Square_Cookbook_logo_B&W_sm So, when will it be avaiable?

October 1st.

How will it be available?

In print and as an ebook.  First, on Kindle and Nook, and within a week or so of that date, all other e formats.  You'll be able to order it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any independent bookstore.

Would you like to read a Victoria Square cookbook?