Friday, October 7, 2011

What a fabulous cover!

Marketing is everything.  It is.  Which is why I sent my character Katie Bonner (from the Victoria Square Mysteries) to grad school to get a degree in it.  She was determined to do a fabulous job of marketing her B&B, The English Ivy Inn ... of course, she never got to own the old Victorian House where she'd hoped to open her business ... and that's the first book.  (A Crafty Killing.) But I'm talking about ME marketing my work.  And one of the things I decided to do was offer the first two Jeff Resnick Books as a 2 fer.  Buy both books in one package and you save $2.

Look at the detail on this fantastic cover.  Isn't it wonderful?  (Done by the fabulous Pat Ryan Graphics.)

It's currently available from Kindle and Smashwords. (Nook always takes their time about these things.  But Smashwords sells all e formats, so everyone is still covered.)  And the cost for these two books?  $5.98 -- that's less than one paperback!  Such a deal!

As soon as I get my butt in gear, I'll be offering the other two books in the series as a 2 fer, as well.  (I already have the cover for that box set, too, and it's just as fabulous.)

COMING SOON:  A Jeff Resnick contest.