Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pet Peeve Thursday: We don't carry that

Out of businessA lot of stores lament the fact that people come in, check out their merchandise, and then go online to buy (and usually cheaper).  A lot of stores are going out of business because of this.

I'll tell you why.

I need tall jeans.  I can't buy them in the stores.  At least not tall jeans that aren't low-riding.  I can only buy them online.

I recently tried to buy a pair of sneakers at a local store. 
"Sorry, we don't carry your size."  Why?  Because it was wide?

At another store, I tried to buy a pair of winter boots.  "Sorry, we don't carry that size."  (Again with the wide.  Must be all those years of going barefoot and wearing flip flops.

I had to go online to buy all three items.  (Of course, in the last two instances, I just went to their own websites.)

I know it's expensive to carry one (or more) of everything, but if a store won't carry what I (or anyone else needs) is it any wonder they're going out of business like crazy?