Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And the alternative to taxes is ...?

TaxesUgh ... if you work for yourself (and most authors without day jobs do), you have to pay your quarterly taxes in time for January 15th.

Today's the day!

Um ... it's very painful.  Mind you, I anticipated the coming of this day and put some money aside in a special account just for that reason.  It has a WHOPPING 0.25% interest.  Let's see, how many millions of years would it take me to become a millionaire on the interest?  100?  200?  Oh, no -- that can't happen ... because I'm writing that quarter check that takes the money away from me and gives it to the government.  The one that doesn't have enough money to fix the roads or bridges, but can give Congressmen exorbitant raises and free health care for life.  (The pain of writing my quarterly health care check came two weeks ago.)  And mind you, self-employed people are screwed royally.  We don't have an employer paying half our FICA taxes -- the whole shebang is on our shoulders.

They say there's nothing as certain as death and taxes.  I guess I'd rather pay than face the alternative.

And guess what -- the next check must be paid in April.  Yikes.  I'm looking forward to spring, but not April 15th.  How about you?