Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Doesn't everyone need thousands of note cards?

ME thank youOkay, it's a sickness.  I'm like a hoarder, I guess.  But for some reason I cannot stop buying note cards.

I went to a sale at the local historical association over the weekend.  Guess what I bought?  Two bags full of blank and other cards.  It was the sympathy cards that suckered me in.  It seems that all too often I'm sending them these days.  I know how comforting it was to hear from friends when my dad passed, and I try to send out a card whenever I hear that a friend has lost a loved one.

One of the bags was chock full of thank you cards, too.  Very cute ones.  I send out a LOT of thank you cards, so this was perfect.

I must have spent almost an hour examining each and every card in those two bags.  The cost?  $2.  I'd say that was $2 well spent.

Yard sale season is on!  What will you be looking for?