Monday, July 9, 2012

My new-to-me- desk

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a new-to-me desk off of Craigslist.  For the past few years, I'd been working off a farm table and it was ovbious to me that it wasn't working well.  I had nowhere to store my stuff.  So everything was piling up on the table, giving me nowhere to put my work.  So, the desk hunt began.

I was very impressed with my pal Ellery Adams' workspace, which I saw back in March.  She works in a huge living room that's tastefully decorated with antiques and a lovely old desk with lots of drawers.  Aha!  The secret to a tidy desk had to be drawers where you could stuff everything.  (And, no I did NOT peek in her drawers -- that would be rude!)

So I went on the hunt. I scoured antique stores, yard sales, and finally hit gold on Craigslist.  Is my desk as nice as Ellery's?  No. Is it what I really wanted?  No. It was less money than I anticipated spending (always good) and it had been recently refinished, so it still has an odor of polyurethane, but for the time being, it's working out quite well.  I've kept the top of it cleared off,and I still have two drawers that aren't yet filled.


New desk cropped
So, what do you think?

And in case you forgot, Ellery and I have new books out.  Get them while they're hot!

Murder on the Half Shelf & Pies and Prejudice.

Pies and Half shelf picture