Wednesday, September 5, 2012

That was one happy mailbox!

Sample copies

Wee!  As you can see, the other day was a great mail day.  Not only did I get my sample copy of Room at the Inn, but two sample copies of Murder In Three Volumes

It might not look like it from this picture, but that three-volume book (Murder Is Binding, Bookmarked for Death and Bookplate Special) could A) choke a moose, and would B) make a great doorstop.  But the best use would be as a gift (Christmas is coming!).  Have a relative or a friend who doesn't yet know about cozy mysteries?  This might be a way to introduce them to the genre.  (Not that I'm being pushy or anything. No--no!  Perish the thought.) 

Even better, Amazon and Barnes & Noble are currently discounting it by 43% (it lists for $16 and is being sold for $9.09--free shipping at Amazon if you spend $25).

Room at the Inn will be available at most online retail outlets on September 10th.

Murder in Three Volumes will be available everywhere on October 2nd.