Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Booktown release

My latest Booktown offering is available.

Wait a minute, it's Booktown, but I had nothing to do with it.

Wait a minute, I wrote the books, but I had nothing to do with this offering.

Booktown-three volumes.medOkay, it's like this; my publisher decided to offer a trade paperback edition of the first three Booktown Mysteries and has called it MURDER IN THREE VOLUMES.  (Catchy title that, eh?)  Of course they picked my least favorite cover.  But wait a minute--it looks so very different than it did when it was the cover for Bookmarked for Death.  Oh -- wow, you can see a LOT of the detail that my cover artist (Teresa Fasolino) added to the painting and was covered up by the banner title and the little box proclaiming recipes.  I always thought of it as a PURPLE cover, because it has that god-awful purple band at the left hand side.  (Now that the latest book is in hardcover, they've decided not to use that band of color on the book (and I sure hope they don't add it to the paperback edition of Murder On The Half Shelf, which will be available on July 2nd of next year.)  So maybe I do love this cover as much as the others, after all.

It's a BIG book, and a good value--three books for the (list) price of two. (And if you preordered, it was an even betterdeal at a 43% discount--don't know if that will hold after today--or was it yesterday?)

The one thing it won't be is an ebook, which is too bad, because I think it would have sold really well.  (Hey, I'm selling the boxed sets of my Jeff Resnick books and they sell like hotcakes!)  But don't blame me, it was the publisher's decision.

I admit, I didn't pull out all the stops promoting this one (sending out postcards, etc.) because if you like the series, you had to have already read all three books, right?  But ... this could be a great introduction to the series for other people you know.  Or for a library.  Hey, Christmas is right around the corner ... think stocking stuffers! (Or gifts for Halloween, Thanksgiving, baby and wedding showers ... birthdays ... the possibilities are endless!)

At any rate, it's out there.  If you're among the Booktown faithful, I hope you'll spread the word about Murder In Three Volumes.

You can find it at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and other independent booksellers.