Friday, February 22, 2013

Apple says I've got a break-out book!

Final-_Apple_email_blastEarlier today two of my friends sent me an email they got from Apple which FEATURED MY BOOK, DEAD IN RED!  (Thank you Leann Sweeney and Sandra Parshall!)  Needless to say, I'm absolutely GOBSMACKED!

I knew the book was doing well at the iBookstore (iTunes) but I had no idea they would pronounce the book a break-out!

Snoopyhappydance(Pardon me while I take a short break to dance around my office.)
For those of you who buy your e-books from the iBookstore, you can find the book at this direct link.

You can learn more about the Breakout Books promotion at the Smashwords Blog.

(By the way, Dead In Red will soon be available as an audiobook, and will also be available from iTunes.)

Will you help me spread the word about DEAD IN RED?


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  1. I keep telling you your books are aswosme. Don't know why you would be surprised. Congratulations!!! You deserve it.