Monday, February 18, 2013

Can you buy a Dolly Dolittle? Uh ... probably not.

I recently got a letter from a reader asking about the Dolly Dolittle figurines mentioned in Sentenced to Death. (Booktown Mystery #5.) She wanted to know if they were real, and if so, where she could buy them.

Well, they're real.  They're not called Dolly Dolittle, and I have no idea where someone would buy them.

In the book I described them this way: Dolly Dolittle was an angel in Victorian garb. The cover shot showed a little girl in pastel blue, with a white fur collar. Her hands were thrust in a furry muff to match the collar, and the entire figurine was covered in iridescent sparkles.

As you can see, I was (sort of) describing the figurine/ornament (they have pink ribbons should one want to hang them on a Christmas tree). Here she is in a bigger size.

Dolly 2
And here's her darling sister.

I remember that I saw four of them, but for some reason felt I'd already blown enough money on Christmas that year, so I didn't purchase the other two.  Now I could kick myself.  They're marked MADE IN CHINA, but with no manufacturer's name.

I must confess, when I became a published author, I thought I'd get a lot of questions about my books such as this one.  Hasn't happened--but it still could.

Is there something about any of my other books you'd like to know about.  PLEASE feel free to ask.  I love to talk about my characters.  (It's a lot more interesting than talking about myself.  They lead much more exciting lives than me.  After all, I sit in front of a computer all day giving them these adventures.)