Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A little love ... or murder?

Yesterday I showed you my latest cover from my NY publisher.  How about my latest cover from my favorite publisher -- me!

It's a new title.  Well, the title is new, but the stories inside this collection of stories may not be new to some of you.  If cost has been an issue for you NOT to read my short stories, fear not.  Now you can read 7 for the price of 3.  (Such a deal!)

This one comes out under my Lorraine and LL Bartlett names because ... well, there're stories from both those names.  The tome is called LOVE & MURDER and I'd be very happy if you'd give it a try.

L&M_med Why LOVE & MURDER? Because the stories are mostly sweet romances or murder mysteries. Read the story descriptions and see if they don't light your fire.

Abused: A Daughter’s Story:  Emily Miller knew her life was about to change forever the day her mother said, "I'm pregnant." She'd hear those words again and again--and with every pregnancy Emily's father changed from bad to worse. For years the Miller family suffered through his rages. It took a terrible loss for the family to regroup, and all the love Emily can muster to save her siblings.

Cold Case . . . the short story that inspired the 4th Jeff Resnick book, BOUND BY SUGGESTION. Psychic Jeff Resnick has no expectations when investigating the disappearance of a four-year-old, until he confronts the mind responsible--a shattering experience for all involved.

An Unconditional Love:  A one-night stand changes Leslie Turner's life forever when she discovers she's pregnant. Keeping the child means losing her business. Even more devastating, the baby is born with a disfiguring birth defect. Her carefully planned life falls apart . . . until years later when she once again meets her baby's father. Can they ever be a family?

We’re So Sorry, Uncle Albert:  The Nichols family is all in a tizzy when it's discovered their penny-pinching Uncle Albert is worth millions, and decide he has overstayed his worldly welcome. But can they bump off the old man and get away with it?

GirlwithereaderLove Heals:  It's the most romantic night of the year and Diana Mason is alone.  She broke up with her boyfriend because he wanted a playmate not a soul mate, but it's someone else who haunts her thoughts on the most romantic of holidays.  Is there a chance he's thinking of her, too?

Prisoner of Love:  Rhonda Roberts went looking for love in all the wrong places, and found it through an ad in the personals section of her local newspaper. Family and friends think she's crazy when she becomes engaged to a convicted felon, and the lengths she'll go to see him set free.

Blue Christmas: Christmas used to be a joyous time for Judi Straub, but that was before her parents passed away and her siblings became too busy to socialize with their old maid sister. Holidays spent with friends were a nightmare. Then one late December Judi won an all-expense-paid trip to Puerto Rico where Harry Powell swept her off her feet. But her fantasy of happily-ever-after was quickly derailed. Would Judi always have a Blue Christmas?

Should you be eager to purchase this delightful box set (not in a box) you can find it:

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Stay tuned:  Tomorrow I'll be telling you about my next release, which comes out Christmas Day!  (Another new cover!)  Don't miss it!  And Thursday, E.J. Copperman has another pet peeve to share.