Sunday, December 29, 2013

Need an ereader? Try Kobo -- and visit their 50% off sale!

A lot of people carp about Amazon and say they are going to take over the world.  (Hmm...Amazon ... drones ... maybe they will.)  I want to support all e book distributors because they have changed the lives of so many midlist authors.  We can now make a living wage, and that's nothing to sneeze at.

I'm really pulling for Kobo. Kobo is small ... but really, very large.  They sell their readers all over the world and, unlike Amazon, the only thing they are ebooks!

L n M_smKobo has been very good to me. They frequently offer me the opportunity to get my name out there by letting me put certain of my books on sale.  I've had a hard time getting the word out because the sales are usually country specific.  Right now one of my books is on sale at Kobo for 50% off in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

If you've got a Kobo reader, maybe you'll want to try Love & Murder.  It's half price ($1.49) until the end of the year (That's Dec. 31st.)

Love & Murder, by Lorraine Bartlett (and her alter ego L.L. Bartlett), explores the highs and lows of love, and humanity. This sampler will give you an idea of the kinds of themes she explores in her New York Times bestselling novels. The collection contains seven stories: Abused: A Daughter's Story, Cold Case, An Unconditional Love, We're So Sorry, Uncle Albert, Prisoner of Love, and Blue Christmas.

Here's the linkUse the coupon Code at Checkout:  50COUPON

Several of my friends have books in the sale, too:

Doranna Durgin's fantasy novels Wolverine's Daughter & Dun Lady's Jess

Tonya Thomas's women's fiction collection of short stories:  The Edge and I

Maryann Miller's suspense novel, One Small Victory

Kobo-touchIf you're in the US and you'd like to try out a Kobo reader (they're quite nice), you can do so at your local independent bookstore.  They have one for only $79. 

Try it. You'll like it!