Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Booktown Mysteries as Audiobooks!

I just about burst with pride when my editor first told me that the Booktown Mysteries were going to be produced as audiobooks.  (We won't talk about how devastated I was when he told me they'd discontinued the audio series due to lack of sales.)  The first five books are available in Audio and narrated by the fabulous Cassandra Campbell.  Oh, how I wish I could have heard her perform Murder On The Half Shelf and Not The Killing Type, but again... we won't go there.

Still, the books are a lot of fun to listen to and if you're into audiobooks, maybe you'll give them a try.
Here's the graphic Mr. L made to help promote them.  The background could be New Hampshire.  Note the road in the forefront -- to remind you to listen to audiobooks while you're on a long road trip.  (Works just as well in a train or a plane, too!)


For more information on these audiobooks, please feel free to check out the audio page on my website.

If you haven't yet joined Audible, you can often get your first audiobook for Free!  (Check out their site by clicking this link.)