Monday, January 13, 2014

Do you believe in Evolution?

A lot of people don't believe in Evolution, but I do.  It's my latest book.  Actually, it's a collection of short stories about my character, Jeff Resnick, in book form.  (In fact, the full title tells you so:  Evolution: Jeff Resnick's Backstory.)

The book contains stories that chronicle Jeff's life from the day he meets his estranged brother Richard, until two years before the first novel in the series.

To help me get the word out about the book, my pal Ellery Adams and I made a book trailer.  Do book trailers help sell books?  Only if people see them.  So, why don't you take a gander.  Then maybe you'll want to buy the book.  (Only $2.99 on all e formats)

If you've read the novels, you may want to know just what makes Jeff tick.
Just in case, here are the buy links:

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