Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pet Peeve Thursday: Dainty Daisy and Lily express their displeasure

Daisy_and_lily_in_pearls-croppedBy Daisy and Lily (who own author Mary Jane Maffini)

Hello, please excuse the chattering of our small sharp teeth. We are Daisy and Lily, princess dachshunds and we are here to express our intense displeasure with the weather.

We have made our views known to Mum and to date she has done not a thing (nothing!) to turn up the heat outside or to melt the snow.  We have given her the ‘poor us’ expression, the heartbroken expression plus we have lifted our dainty paws to show that we want something badly.  She knows we have bald bellies and no legs and we suffer under these conditions and yet … nada.

Pet Peeve backyard-med

We hate it outside and yet out we have to go several times a day to attend to certain matters.
You seem like pleasant people. Perhaps you will add your voice to ours in a loud howl so she’ll get the point. You know what they say:  United we bark, divided we … whatever the rest is. But we won’t be divided. Please join us so that we can once again look beautiful in a lovely warm green backyard. (Although aren't we adorable in our snowsuits?)

Parka_dogs_so_sad copy
It’s the right thing to do.

Love and kisses,

Daisy and Lily
Daisy_and_lily_on_lounger-croppedDaisy and Lily Maffini are the reigning canines at the Maffini household where they help their Mum write by napping in the same room where she works. Daisy (10) and Lily (7) are mini-dachshunds and are members of Ottawa Therapy Dogs. This involves wearing beautiful red scarves and helping people feel better by visiting them. People really enjoy the cuddly little dogs.  Lily is also a R.E.A.D dog and helps children in schools feel comfortable with their reading. She loves her kids and they love her.

Christie CurseThe very versatile Mary Jane Maffini writes a number of mystery series (The Camilla McFee, Fiona Silk, and Charlotte Adams Mysteries) and is also part of the mother-daughter mystery writing team of Victoria Abbott with the Book Collector Mysteries.  The first in that series is The Christie Curse.