Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So needy I'm begging for LIKES

Will ferrellA LOT of people LIKE Will Ferrell.

I'm not kidding.  All you have to do is go on Facebook and you'll see that over six MILLION people LIKE him. In fact, 6,958,686.

Meanwhile, only 1,696 people LIKE me.

Over the weekend, I conducted an experiment.  I asked people to help me get six million new LIKES on my Facebook page. I got a LOT of comments, and a bunch of people (17 in fact) even shared my post and asked their friends to like my page; 21 of them actually did, and I'm so very grateful.  (Now they just need to go out and buy every one of my books.  Thanks!!!)

Is 6,000,000 LIKES too lofty a goal? When Will set up his Facebook Page, did he ponder getting nearly seven million LIKES?  Is he ultimately shooting for ten million?  Should that be my goal, or should I shoot for a more reasonable goal, like ... maybe 1,700?

Lorraine-head shotLet's face it, my Lorraine Bartlett name is the least known of my three (that you know of) writing names. Then again, my L.L. Bartlett FB page only has 924 Likes.  (I don't think most of my Jeff readers are on Facebook.)  In contrast, my Lorna Page has 2,348 Likes.  (Lorna has a LOT more readers on Facebook.)

Why do I even CARE how many Facebook LIKES I have?  Is it because I was never popular in school?  Is it because my best friends don't even live near me so we can go and have lunch or share of cup of coffee?  Why do we humans strive to be LIKED.

I don't know, but it seems to be a need we all have.

So, if you're so included, and you think you might LIKE me, here's the chance.  Click the links below.

Thank you!

Lorraine on Facebook | L.L. on Facebook | Lorna on Facebook | Jeff Resnick Mysteries on Facebook

If you liked any (or all) of my pages, feel free to have a slice of virtual cake.  (No calories!)  If you didn't ... well, just wipe the virtual frosting from around your mouth and nobody will know.

Thank you cake