Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Come on over to a place where we can talk!

Yesterday was the first Teacup Tuesday and it went really well with a lot of discussion. That got me thinking.  I had always wanted to have a dialog with my readers, but never could figure out a way to do it.

BINGO!  Let's Talk Booktown!


Since most of my readers know my Lorna Barrett name best, why not start a community who wants to talk about the books and perhaps what happens behind the scenes.

So today I'm launching a new Facebook Community page called Enjoy The Booktown Mysteries.
I would LOVE it if you'd come and LIKE the page and stick around to ask questions about the series.  Is there anything you want to know about a certain character?  One of the businesses?  Angelica's recipes?  What kind of food Miss Marpl and Sarge eat. Or my writing process. Anything!

I'll be posting pictures and asking questions and we'll just talk. Get to know each other.  Hopefully, have FUN.

So come on over.  Just click this link!

See you there!