Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Teacup Tuesday: Every Cup Tells A Story

Pink Teacup Tuesday

Oops!  Missed a week.  There's lots going on while I gear up for a BIG new project, finish up Booktown #9, and start a brand new series, while working on other shorter projects.  Whew!  I'm pooped!  But never too pooped for teatime!

On of my favorite albums is called EVERY SONG TELLS A STORY by Randy Bachman (he of Guess Who and Bachman, Turner, Overdrive fame). He performs all his hits, but tells a story about how the song came to be written. I love it.  I never tire of hearing the stories.  Likewise, all my teacups have a story.


 Isn't this ivy cup a beauty? I'm very fond of ivy ... but not growing in my yard. The former owners decided to use ivy as a ground cover around the inground pool. It not only spread around the pool, but took hold in the front yard--taking up a gigantic area near the garage. But it also turns out that ivy is a great place for mice to live.  Eradicating the ivy has been a challenge, especially since it has taken over a portion of our neighbor's yard. They seem content to leave it there, while we constantly rip it out--and it just keeps creeping back. So, now instead of the mice living in our yard, they live next door and visit. We've been able to keep them out of the house, but they're still out there (quite a few of them drown in the pool every summer.  And you know it isn't going to be me emptying those skimmers).


This lovey cup is the big brother to one my mother gave me (same pattern, just half size). If I'm not mistaken (and believe me, she will correct me if I'm wrong), my mother received her cup from a woman who taught her to hook rugs. "Marge" has been gone many years now, but when I pass her house, I always think of that little teacup. When I saw this one at a yard sale, I knew it needed to keep the other cup company.


Another of my yard-sale finds. I almost didn't buy it because there's a hairline crack in the cup, but during the past few years I feel kinship to the cup. Nobody's perfect, why should a teacup be perfect too?  Its perfection lies in the pattern and the graceful handle. I think it's perfectly fine.

Have you got a story to share about a teacup?