Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Teacup Tuesday: What we'd wear to tea!

Pink Teacup Tuesday

Lately we've talked about tea--what kinds you like to drink. Where you like to drink it and with whom. What you'd like to wear when having tea.  Here are some of those comments.
From Beth H. in Dallas, Tx:  "I'd definitely wear my tea dress with the pansies on it. It's not exactly vintage like Pixie's but it looks like it. I made it years ago by a 'vintage' pattern.

Chintz no 1

Debbie S. from La Vergne, TN said, "Since I've never been to a tea I would want to do it right. I think that I would go shop and find a dress similar to the one that was pictured (since what I have in my closet right now would not work). Gloves might be fun, I would love a hat but they don't always love me, LOL."

Margaret M from Melbourne, FL said:  "I'd wear something gauzy, filmy probably in every and off the shoulder, topped off with a pert little straw hat."

Gold polka dots
Lisa M. from Centerville, GA said:  "If I were ever invited to an afternoon tea, I believe I would wear something that Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn would wear...classic dress with a nice hat. I know this would be a special day that I would always remember."

Mary P. from Toowoomba, Australia said:  "When I was a child & visiting my Grandfather & Aunt we would be there for afternoon tea. My Aunt would wear long flowing tea dresses, long strands of beads & have bare feet. She was certainly a free spirit. I can totally picture myself wearing the same."

Gray leaves

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NEXT TIME:  Let's talk about opening a virtual tea shop. What should it be named?  How do you think it should be decorated? Hardwood floors or rugs? Retro, vintage, or elegant?  What about the china? (Feel free to suggest a pattern!). (Next time, we'll talk about what to serve!)  Leave your answers in the comments section.

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Latte da-sm
And the winner of the Bonyard tea sample from Latteda.com is Barbara T. from Moreno Valley, CA.  We'll choose another one next week from the comments.  (P.S. We'd love to hear how the previous winners have enjoyed their tea sample!)